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Probably the best presentation I’ve read in a long time. I’ll need a few re-reads to digest this properly…by the brilliant @Timstock

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This is a talk, Faith Popcorn - the world’s best known trendspotter gave a short while ago at a conference called “Idea City”. While I came upon it serendipitously, some of the issues she spoke about in her talk really hit home.

I think the most important one was the fact that with attention being scarce and the consumer being in control, brands can no longer bank on capturing eyeballs or forcing consumers’ attention. They have to grow into the lives of the consumers - kind of like a grassroots movement.

Culture has become the new media. Culture is no longer about just going to museums and dining at fine restaurants. Culture is what people are passionate about. So if you want to get a message out there, you have to weave it into the culture. The new future of marketing is going ‘inculture’.

The talk is 17 minutes long - but time so well spent. If you have a moment…watch listen and learn. It’s worth it.

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